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Dangerous Android malware comes to the iPhone

An insidious variety of Android spyware has finally made its way to the iPhone. Early last year, mobile security firm Lookout discovered Android and iOS malware that can steal “contacts, audio recordings, photos, location, and more from devices,” according to a blog post from the company.

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How police caught the UK’s most notorious porn ransomware baron

Malwarbytes’ Jerome Segura speaks with WIRED as they uncover how UK authorities caught a notorious ransomware mastermind.

Meet Baldr: The Inside Scoop on a New Stealer

Baldr is a fairly new stealer on the threat landscape, though researchers say its rapid development signifies authors are preparing to cultivate a long-term problem. The team at Malwarebytes Labs has been monitoring the heightened growth and development of stealers for the past few months. Analysis indicates Baldr’s developers are investing time and effort into their product, helping it become more popular as cybercriminals hunt for easy means to snag valuable data.


Press releases

Tech Data to Offer Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Protection Solutions to European Customers

Tech Data announced an agreement with Malwarebytes to offer scalable and efficient security solutions to Tech Data customers across Europe.

Malwarebytes Rolls Out Offering Enabling MSPs to Provide Leading Endpoint Protection and Response to Customers

Malwarebytes announced plans today to launch a new management console for managed service providers (MSPs). Malwarebytes OneView is a powerful multi-tenant management console purpose built to protect and remediate the MSP customer base. Initially piloted in Australia, the new offering represents a new segment of growth for the company, expanding their portfolio to MSPs looking to expand their security capabilities.

Malwarebytes Appoints Silicon Valley Executive Greg Higham as Company CIO

Malwarebytes announced today the appointment of Greg Higham as Chief Information Officer. Higham is a Silicon Valley technology executive who brings more than 25 years of experience driving technology vision, strategy, global operations management, acquisition integration and scalable business growth. As Malwarebytes CIO, Higham will oversee company security, business applications and operations.  


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