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From BetaNews: Traditional antivirus fails to protect 40 percent of users

Conventional antivirus solutions are failing to protect users from attacks according to a Malwarebytes report.

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Doubling Up on AV Fails to Protect 40% of Users from Malware Attacks

Traditional signature-based antivirus solutions are falling short on protecting endpoints, even when there are two or more deployed.

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Similarities with BadRabbit and NotPetya Suggest Same Creator

Security researchers say BadRabbit and NotPetya share some of the same unique computer code, which is rare to find.


Press releases

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New Report: Cyberattacks on Businesses Increased 23 Percent as ‘New Mafia’ Hits the Digital Streets in 2017

Malwarebytes™ today unveiled a report on the new age of organized cybercrime. It describes how this ‘New Mafia’ is accelerating the volume of attacks, sophistication and malice, which have increased 23 percent in 2017 versus 2016.

Malwarebytes Reveals 2018 Security Predictions

Malwarebytes today announced its 2018 cybersecurity predictions.

SteveDeMarco 11-7-17 DA

Malwarebytes Continues to Strengthen Leadership, Appoints Industry Veteran Steve De Marco, as Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Malwarebytes™ today announced the strategic expansion of its sales department with Steve De Marco joining the company as SVP of Global Sales.