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CEO Marcin Kleczynski Speaks to NBC on the Rise of Stalkerware

Marcin Kleczynski speaks to Jake Ward at NBC about the shocking rise of stalkeware during the pandemic.

FunnelAmplified Interviews COO Barry Mainz

Malwarebytes COO Speaks with FunnelAmplified about how Malwarebytes’ B2C marketing programs helped drive growth across business sales, and how to leverage digital media.

Best cloud antivirus of 2021

TechRadar lists Malwarebytes as the top cloud antivirus solution of 2021.


Press releases

Malwarebytes products not impacted by Log4j “Log4Shell” vulnerability

Malwarebytes products not impacted by Log4j “Log4Shell” vulnerability

“Fear Fatigue” Threatens Cybersecurity of Employees Working from Home

Malwarebytes announced the findings from its latest survey examining how the impact of the global pandemic and an increasing hybrid workforce is impacting cybersecurity

Malwarebytes Lands Top Global Sales Leader, Amy Appleyard

Malwarebytes adds Amy Appleyard as the new senior vice president of Global Sales.


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