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Google is failing to enforce its own ban on ads for stalkerware

While many stalkerware apps are sold as parental monitoring tools for keeping an eye on children, they provide the same capabilities as services that are more blatant about being designed to spy on spouses, says David Ruiz, senior privacy advocate at the security group Malwarebytes. 

Leaked Ransomware Docs Show Conti Helping Putin From the Shadows

Malwarebytes Senior Director of Threat Intelligence, Jerome Segura talks to WIRED about Conti Leaks.

Americans lost $1bn to Tinder-Swindler style romance cons last year, FBI says

study released last year by the cyber protection agency Malwarebytes revealed that people with less digital literacy are more prone to such scams. Those typically include ethnic minorities, women and older people, according to Malwarebytes.

Hackers Rigged Hundreds of Ecommerce Sites to Steal Payment Info

It’s generally hard for people to detect payment-card skimmers without special training. One option is to use antivirus software such as Malwarebytes, which examines in real time the JavaScript being served on a visited website. People also may want to steer clear of sites that appear to be using outdated software, although that’s hardly a guarantee that the site is safe.

CEO Marcin Kleczynski Speaks to NBC on the Rise of Stalkerware

Marcin Kleczynski speaks to Jake Ward at NBC about the shocking rise of stalkeware during the pandemic.

FunnelAmplified Interviews COO Barry Mainz

Malwarebytes COO Speaks with FunnelAmplified about how Malwarebytes’ B2C marketing programs helped drive growth across business sales, and how to leverage digital media.

Best cloud antivirus of 2021

TechRadar lists Malwarebytes as the top cloud antivirus solution of 2021.

New Regulation Won’t Plug the Nation’s Cybersecurity Leaks

CEO Marcin Kleczynski shares his thoughts on what’s missing in the latest cyber legislation with Barron’s.

C-suite career advice: Barry Mainz, Malwarebytes

Barry Mainz, Malwarebytes COO, speaks with IDG Connect about career advice for aspiring C-suite executives.

Legends of Sales & Marketing: Barry Mainz, COO of Malwarebytes, on Driving Value

Malwarebytes COO Barry Mainz speaks about hiring the right team, how he achieved success in his career and the roles that brought him to Malwarebytes.

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