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Mac, Android devices increasingly at risk for malware

Windows devices are no longer the sole victims of damaging malware attacks. Strategic attacks on both Mac and Android devices are rapidly on the rise, according to new data from Malwarebytes, which makes anti-malware software.

Mac and Android malware on the rise, reports show

New research suggests that malware for the two device families has spiked over the past year.

Mac malware continuing to escalate, warn security researchers

Malware targeting the Mac operating system has seen a significant growth in the first half of this hear, according to security firm Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes stellt neue Anti-Malware-Lösungen für macOS und Android vor

Malwarebytes veröffentlicht eine Antiviren- und Anti-Ransomware-Anwendungen für Benutzer von macOS-Rechnern und Android-Geräten. Auf beiden Plattformen sieht der Hersteller die Bedrohungslage für die Anwender steigen und kritisiert deren Sorglosigkeit.

Ransomware: Claim that 22% SMBs shutting shop after attacks

Ransomware attacks caused 22% of small and medium-sized businesses in seven countries, including Australia, to pack up for good, a report from the security firm Malwarebytes claims.

Most Singapore SMBs won’t pay ransomware demands

Some 62 percent of small and midsize businesses in the country believe ransomware demands should be ignored, despite one in six experiencing downtime of at least 25 hours during an infection.

SMBs finally getting wise to ransomware attacks

The massive cyberattacks that impact major corporations around the world may grab all the headlines, but a recent Malwarebytes survey of small and medium businesses (SMB) found that these companies are being hit just as hard, if not harder, by cybercriminals.

Why ransomware costs small businesses big money

When businesses are hit with ransomware, it’s not just the ransom amount that could financially hurt. The time spent trying to get systems back online and potential revenue lost in the meantime makes a lasting impact, too.

Author of Original Petya Ransomware Publishes Master Decryption Key

The author of the original Petya ransomware — a person/group going by the name of Janus Cybercrime Solutions — has released the master decryption key of all past Petya versions. Malwarebytes security researcher Hasherezade cracked the file yesterday and shared its content.

Malwarebytes brings new approach to malware detection

Security vendor Malwarebytes has released its new, single endpoint agent cloud platform for business.