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In-depth: Security experts explain the WannaCry ransomware’s world domination

The world’s cybersecurity experts have been quick to comment on the WannaCry ransomware attack that hit the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Telefonica, FedEx, KPMG and organizations in other countries over the weekend.

How a ransomware attack can affect hospitals

A ransomware attack is targeting organizations around the world and impacting tens of thousands of computers. CNNTech’s Laurie Segall interviews Adam Kujawa, of cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes.

AP Explains: What is ransomware?

Computers across the world were locked up Friday and users’ files held for ransom when dozens of countries were hit in a cyber-extortion attack that targeted hospitals, companies, and government agencies.

New ‘Dok’ dropper variant found, even after Apple revokes cert for Mac malware

A Malwarebytes researcher on Monday discovered a new variant of the “” dropper that was recently found delivering OSX/Dok Mac malware capable of intercepting infected machines’ HTTPS communications.

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The Very Real, Difficult Fight Against Tech Support Scams

The businesses operating tech support scams have become so advanced that even the most tech-savvy among us are susceptible to being trapped. In fact, a recent study showed millennials fell for tech support scams more often than older generations.


Helping Online Daters Stay Malware-Free — Malwarebytes Offers Advanced Threat Detection & Removal Software

Online dating isn’t perfect. The accessibility of so many single people comes with certain drawbacks and vulnerabilities that anyone on a dating site should be prepared to face. For instance, cyber criminals may use a dating site as a platform to hack into home computers and steal personal information.


Mac malware on the rise as crooks turn to ransomware

Macbook users are increasingly being targeted by malware and backdoors, according to Malwarebytes’ analysis of cyber crime and malware in the first quarter of 2017.

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Malwarebytes Details Cybersecurity Threats Seen During Q1 2017 For Windows, MacOS And Android

Many people don’t know as much about personal cybersecurity as they think they do. The bad news is that misunderstanding and lack of knowledge can put you at serious risk. The good news is that in many cases simply knowing what to be wary of is enough to provide a fairly effective level of protection. Security software vendor Malwarebytes brings some needed knowledge in their Cybercrime Tactics and Techniques for Q1 2017 report.


Why an accountant is a cybercriminal’s favourite target

Justin Dolly of Malwarebytes looks at what accountants can do to protect their data and minimize cybersecurity risks.

Sydney-based Orca Tech to distribute Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Sydney-based IT security distributor Orca Tech has signed a deal to distribute cybersecurity vendor Malwarebytes’ products in Australia.