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Report: 72% of Gen Z kids say they have workarounds to avoid online parental oversight

VentureBeat highlights findings from the Malwarebytes and 1Password Forever Connected report on parenting and online privacy and security.

That Customer Service Number? It Could Be a Scam.

Includes commentary from Malwarebytes’ Jérôme Segura, Senior Director of Threat Intelligence, on customer service scams.

This huge typosquatting campaign is being used to run tech support scams

Discusses Malwarebytes’ discovery of a ‘big typosquatting campaign,’ and how it is being used for tech support scams.

6 Reasons Your Phone Is So Slow—and How to Speed It Up

Commentary on how to speed up smart devices from Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile at Malwarebytes, included.

China’s Winnti Group Seen Targeting Governments in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong

Security Week includes commentary from Malwarebytes on the Winnti Group.

Sorry Parents, Your Kids Think Your Online Habits Are Cringe

Highlights findings on online privacy and security from the Malwarebytes and 1Password Forever Connected report.

Malwarebytes pairs new MDR, EDR for overwhelmed cybersecurity teams

Malwarebytes MDR (managed detection and response) works by pairing EDR (end point detection and response) technology with a dedicated team of security analysts, providing both automated and human lines of defense.

Soft Solutions adds Malwarebytes to its distribution portfolio

The exclusive deal will enable New Zealand MSPs and VARs to offer Malwarebytes solutions in local currency.

DON’T WAIT Every Google, Facebook and Outlook user must change settings today

Features commentary from Malwarebytes Labs on password security and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Malwarebytes Raises $100 Million From Vector Capital

Cybersecurity solutions provider Malwarebytes announced that it has received a $100 million minority investment from Vector Capital, which brings the total raised by the company to $180 million.

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