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Malware Posing as New Coronavirus Information Spreads Online, Exploiting Fears About Global Outbreak

China’s Computer Virus Emergency Response Center says malware was found to be circulating via email and the social networking platform WeChat. Experts say it may only get worse.

A Guide To Not Getting Hacked

Malwarebytes offers tips on how not to get hacked to Huffington Post readers.

Consumer DNA Testing Kits Are a Privacy Risk Now and In The Future

Wendy Zamora, editor of Malwarebytes Labs, discusses the risks associated with DNA testing kits.

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It’s never been easier for the FBI to hack into an iPhone

The latest FBI encryption scrap involves an iPhone 7 and iPhone 5. These should be easy to unlock with forensic hacking tools

U.S. funds program with free Android phones for the poor — but with permanent Chinese malware

According to Malwarebytes security researchers, subsidized Android phones come with preinstalled Chinese malware, which effectively opens up a backdoor onto the device and endangers their private data. One of the malware types is impossible to remove.

Short on security expertise? You can still choose the right solutions

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often lack the resources and knowledge to properly vet cybersecurity solutions. Avoid poor decisions with these best practices.

Hackers infect hundreds of counterfeit sneaker sites to steal credit cards

There was no shortage of deals to be found online last week. Some were offered up by stores and brands you know and trust — others by criminals looking to make a quick buck.

Financials’ critical assets are now a prime target for hackers

Today’s bad actors have a range of weapons to choose from when carrying out their robberies.

Online shoppers beware: payment card data stolen through fake PSP sites

A new scheme enables skimmers to host deceitful third-party processor that appears just like the real one.

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Security companies and activists launch ‘Coalition Against Stalkerware’

10 organizations are part of the Coalition, and they have also launched a website to help victims.

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