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Breaking the (Kill) Chain: How to Protect Your Organizations Against Cyber Threats

Inspect, assess and engage: these are some of the cyber kill chain steps, according to Lockheed Martin. Although well-debated, this is the most established process for defining the stages of an attack. To mitigate your business against potential cyber threats, the first step is understanding the anatomy of a cyber attack and strategies used by cyber-criminals.

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Go update iOS right now to fix that very bad FaceTime bug

Apple just released the patch for its terrible Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug. You should go install it as soon as it hits your iPhone or iPad. “What concerns me is the fact that there’s evidence that this was reported to Apple beforehand,” says Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile at security firm Malwarebytes.


Ebooks with Fake Links Pulled from Kindle Store

Graphic novel fans, particularly those Kindle readers who adore the popular John Wick series, may have unknowingly downloaded fake ebooks promising them the opportunity to stream the third film installment prior to its release in May, according to Malwarebytes.

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Cybercriminals have your business in their crosshairs and your employees are in cahoots with them.

Thus begins the ransomware email that could spell utter doom for your business. Think it can’t happen to you? You may want to think again. According to Malwarebytes, ransomware attacks caused nearly a quarter of small and medium-sized businesses hit by them in 2017 to completely halt operations.

What We Learned from Malware Attacks in 2018

Malware blossomed in several different directions in the past 12 months, and the year ahead looks like it will be a full-fledged follow-on. According to security firm Malwarebytes, 2018 came in like a lion and out like—well, a different lion. It’s fair to say that, despite a sleepy second quarter, this past year was action-packed from start to finish.

Malwarebytes reports consumer cyberattacks dropped as hackers target businesses

Malwarebytes said in a new report that cyber attacks on businesses soared in 2018 while consumer hacks dipped. In its 2019 State of Malware Report, Malwarebytes found that criminals are increasingly drawn to the big payoffs that come with attacking companies compared to the piecemeal gains of going after individuals.

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Enterprise Malware Detections Up 79% as Attackers Refocus

Enterprise threats ramped up toward the end of 2018 as cybercriminals shifted their strategies to hit business victims with unpatched, insecure networks – and found plenty of targets. That’s one of the key findings from Malwarebytes Labs’ “State of Malware Report 2019,” which analyzes threats from January through November 2018.

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Battling Ransomware: How To Prevent A Ransomware Incident

Ransomware attacks can prove extremely disruptive and expensive to remedy. Prevention is better than finding a cure, and ransomware incidents are easily preventable with the right action.  Malwarebytes actually recorded a 28% rise in attacks on businesses in the first quarter of 2018.

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Business Choice Awards 2019: Security Software

Whether it’s the free version for cleanup or the premium version with its behavior-based analysis, the brand Malwarebytes carries cache with PCMag readers. They rated the company as making the most recommended security software of the year.

Cybersecurity trends 2019

With the cyber security industrial complex in full swing and good business for all the major players, from governments and state sponsored groups, to criminal attackers and the vendors as well as their shareholders, we wonder what horrors will spew forth next. Here’s what 2019 might hold in cybersecurity.

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