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Emotet Malware Uninstalled From Infected Devices

Dark Reading covers the Emotet takedown with insights from Malwarebytes threat intelligence.

pc magazine

Malwarebytes Premium Review

Malwarebytes Premium now functions as a full-blown antivirus, not just an assistant to your main antivirus. It earns excellent scores in hands-on tests and its scores with independent testing labs are improving.

Should firms be more worried about firmware cyber-attacks?

Malwarebytes expert Chris Boyd weighs in on firmware attacks with the BBC.

Five Tech Commandments to a Safer Digital Life

Adam Kujawa offered insights to Brian Chen at New York Times on how readers can protect themselves online and cybercriminals may target consumers.

The Microsoft Exchange hack shows attackers are working ‘smarter, not harder,’ experts say

CEO Marcin Klecyznski offers Business Insider insights on the Microsoft Exchange hack. “This attack underscores just how vulnerable even the most secure organizations or individuals are when targeted by skilled cybercriminals.”

Vice 2

Mac malware expert Thomas Reed speaks with VICE on new malware aimed at M1 processors. “The adware folks have demonstrated the most adaptability on macOS. If anyone were going to be first, I would have expected it to be the folks behind Pirrit, Genieo, or Bundlore … They’re the most active, and most apt to use new techniques.”

How COVID transformed the world of malware

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the world — and the afflictions of malware evolved with it, writes the security company Malwarebytes in its 2021 State of Malware report.

Malware Is Now Targeting Apple’s New M1 Processor

Malwarebytes Mac security researcher Thomas Reed featured in WIRED on native M1 malware. “It definitely was inevitable—compiling for M1 can be as easy as flicking a switch in the project settings … I’m not at all surprised by the fact that it happened in Pirrit first. That’s one of the most active Mac adware families, and one of the oldest, and they’re constantly changing to evade detection.” 

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