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7 Simple ways to protect your digital privacy

Wirecutter/New York Times details tips for protecting your online data privacy, including using Malwarebytes Premium to protect against threats.

Flying under the radar: The biggest malware threats hiding in plain sight

Our CEO, Marcin Kleczynski explores the hidden threats we face from malware lurking beneath the surface.


Attacks on Businesses Soar 235% in Q1

Our quarterly CTNT report shows a surge in ransomware and trojans in the first three months of the year led to a massive 235% year-on-year increase in detected cyber-threats to businesses in Q1 2019.

Has your PC been freezing up lately? Here are 7 tools for fixing Windows problems

USA Today features Malwarebytes as one of 7 key tools to fix problems on your Windows computer.

The best antivirus of 2019 to protect Windows 10

CNET names Malwarebytes as one of the best solutions to protect Windows 10.

Dangerous Android malware comes to the iPhone

An insidious variety of Android spyware has finally made its way to the iPhone. Early last year, mobile security firm Lookout discovered Android and iOS malware that can steal “contacts, audio recordings, photos, location, and more from devices,” according to a blog post from the company.

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How police caught the UK’s most notorious porn ransomware baron

Malwarbytes’ Jerome Segura speaks with WIRED as they uncover how UK authorities caught a notorious ransomware mastermind.

Meet Baldr: The Inside Scoop on a New Stealer

Baldr is a fairly new stealer on the threat landscape, though researchers say its rapid development signifies authors are preparing to cultivate a long-term problem. The team at Malwarebytes Labs has been monitoring the heightened growth and development of stealers for the past few months. Analysis indicates Baldr’s developers are investing time and effort into their product, helping it become more popular as cybercriminals hunt for easy means to snag valuable data.


Breaking the (Kill) Chain: How to Protect Your Organizations Against Cyber Threats

Inspect, assess and engage: these are some of the cyber kill chain steps, according to Lockheed Martin. Although well-debated, this is the most established process for defining the stages of an attack. To mitigate your business against potential cyber threats, the first step is understanding the anatomy of a cyber attack and strategies used by cyber-criminals.

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Go update iOS right now to fix that very bad FaceTime bug

Apple just released the patch for its terrible Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug. You should go install it as soon as it hits your iPhone or iPad. “What concerns me is the fact that there’s evidence that this was reported to Apple beforehand,” says Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile at security firm Malwarebytes.

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